UK CDAR Project for Community-based DOC SAP: Community CJ-KTOS

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UK CDAR Project Proposal for Community-based DOC SAP August 31, 2021 Proposal: For UK CDAR to develop a community version of the CJ-KTOS data system that mirrors the prison/jail-based CJ- KTOS system but that reflects a community versus prison environment for interventions. This proposal includes both products that would result from a contract amendment but also includes future opportunities for expansion and greater study deliverables to DOC. The project would be named Community CJ-KTOS. In addition, given the impact of COVID conditions on the Department and individuals on parole and probation, COVID items will be incorporated into the instrument to help DOC track the impact of COVID on individuals served by DOC in the community. Project Deliverables: The Community CJ-KTOS data system includes the following products to serve DOC interests: 1. Comprehensive baseline data on all DOC community-encounter individuals who maybe on parole or probation that includes substance use patterns, mental health characteristics, demographics, living circumstances, employment history, recovery supports and treatment recommendations consistent with ASAM III. 2. As with the CJ-KTOS system, DOC users will receive a Word document summary of key individual client baseline data in narrative form that can be edited, revised, and saved in the KOMS system showing individual characteristics, treatment needs, and recommendations. 3. A set of COVID survey items will be added to the baseline instrument to track the prevalence of COVID exposures, testing, and vaccination among parolees and probationers. 4. DOC Users will receive an individualized draft letter to the court summarizing findings from the baseline client data, and consistent with the narrative summary that states client diagnoses, central problems, and recommended treatment consistent with ASAM III. These letters can be saved in KOMS. 5. UK CDAR produces annual reports on client characteristics comparable to the prison/jail-based CJ-KTOS project. This gives DOC the opportunity to fully describe and record DOC clients and trends of substance use patterns, mental health characteristics and other key factors. 6. Opportunity is created for cross-study comparison analyses to examine differences between prison/jail-based individuals and community clients. 7. Opportunity is also created for UK CDAR to develop a follow-up outcome study that examines clients’ characteristics 12 months post DOC intervention. Scope of Work: UK CDAR will develop a community-based version of CJ-KTOS that mirrors the prison/jail-based CJ-KTOS. This will entail: 1. Revising all CJ-KTOS baseline survey questions to reflect a community environment instead of an incarceration environment. 2. Creating a mirror of the prison/jail-based CJ-KTOS data system as a web-based data entry program for DOC users that uses community-based items instead of the prison/jail-based items of the current program. This also includes adding a new vaibale or two to reflect the community context of DOC services. 3. Development of community-based versus prison/jail-based language and logic that are used to translate individual data into narrative results for DOC users. 4. Development of a community-based mirror code of current CJ-KTOS code used to match data to language used in narrative outputs. 5. UK CDAR training of community-based DOC users on how to implement the baseline data collection instrument and how to download the client narrative documents and draft letters to the court on client treatment recommendations.
Effective start/end date2/1/22 → 6/30/22


  • KY Department of Corrections: $41,775.00


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