UK Cooperative Extension Energy Education Program

  • Fehr, Robert (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


? Coordinate events to educate the public about energy efficiency and renewable energy through outreach events. ? Conduct extension agent training sessions on energy efficiency and develop energy efficiency electronic publications. ? Cooperate fully with the Cabinet in order to facilitate the obligations set out in this AGREEMENT including, but not limited to, allowing the Cabinet to inspect all records pertaining to the project at any time. ? Make monthly financial reports, quarterly program progress reports, and other reports as requested by the Cabinet. The CONTRACTOR shall submit appropriate reports in the format described by the Commonwealth. ? Develop electronic energy efficiency publications. ? Maintain and support an ENERGY STAR focused exhibit showcasing energy efficient features for the Kentucky State Fair and other public events, incorporating the following: ? Provide residential construction models that will demonstrate energy efficient features agreed upon by the Cabinet and the University, and which support ENERGY STAR building practices. ? Coordinate placement of other elements in exhibit, i.e., ENERGY STAR windows, lighting, heating and air?conditioning equipment. Coordinate with other ENERGY STAR partners in the Commonwealth for exhibit support and equipment. ? Secure or produce appropriate banners, signage, placards, educational charts, etc., as well as any needed handouts. ? Secure exhibit space in the Kentucky Main Street section during the Kentucky State Fair. ? Contract with State Fair representatives for at least one sponsorship, the primary sponsorship being for ENERGY STAR and the secondary for the university. Ensure the ENERGY STAR brand is properly used in all sponsorship benefit opportunities. ? Transport, set up, recover and store the exhibit. Provide personnel trained in energy?efficiency concepts to staff the exhibit throughout the State Fair. ? This Project will result in a convenient, transportable demonstration that can be used for other events such as training and education of Family Consumer Science agents and at county fairs, home and garden shows and other venues where energy efficiency is of interest.
Effective start/end date7/1/1712/31/17


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