UK Criminal Justice Kentucky Treatment Outcome Study - BJS/DOC Contract for CJKTOS Secondary Analysis

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In collaboration with the KY Department of Corrections (KY DOC), the purpose of this research is to conduct a secondary analysis of existing data, supplemented with DOC administrative data, to better understand factors associated with recidivism and relapse among individuals with a history of substance use disorder participating in KY DOC Substance Abuse Programs (SAP). The UK Center on Drug and Alcohol Research (CDAR) has a long-standing partnership with KY DOC through the Criminal Justice Kentucky Treatment Outcome Study (CJKTOS). This research will build upon the CJKTOS dataset with supplemental data from the Kentucky Offender Management System (KOMS). Follow-up data for this analysis will incorporate current and previous data from FY19-20 for an overall sample of approximately 600. The research team at CDAR will be responsible for data extraction, data analysis, and preparation of a final report by 12/31/20 to the Justice Cabinet (Marjorie Stanek) and the Department of Corrections (Sarah Johnson) to address the following research objectives: (1) To examine the extent to which mental health functioning influences SAP treatment completion, as well as whether the relationship between mental health and treatment outcomes varies by treatment utilization in the community post-release. (2) To examine consistency in living in the same geographical area pre and post incarceration as a predictor of utilizing re-entry resources, as well as the use of those resources as a factor in sustained recovery and remaining in the community (not reincarcerated).
Effective start/end date7/15/209/30/20


  • KY Department of Corrections: $43,128.00


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