UK HANDS Evaluation

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The Healthy Families America/Health Access Nurturing Development Services (HFA/HANDS) program is a voluntary home visiting program that provides support and resources for at-risk parents in Kentucky from the prenatal period through the child’s second birthday. Families begin by meeting with a HFA/HANDS Parent Visitor who will discuss any questions or concerns about pregnancy or a baby's first years. Based on the discussion, all families will receive information and learn about resources available in the community for new parents. Some families will receive further support through home visitation. The main goals of HFA/HANDS are to ensure healthy pregnancies and births, healthy child growth and development, healthy safe homes, and self-sufficient families. HANDS has been available in all Kentucky counties for first time parents. HFA/HANDS has recently been expanded to include multigravida women in certain Kentucky counties, and a specific enhancement to improve services to women with mental health needs in these same counties. This grant proposal plans to expand the program for multigravida women and women with mental health needs in additional counties.
Effective start/end date4/26/136/30/14


  • KY Department for Public Health: $167,418.00


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