UK- Improving Motor Vehicle Crash Related Data M3DA-2021-02

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Increased emphasis on data integrity, quality, and integration with other reporting systems is essential for Kentucky's data on hospital-based care for motor vehicle crash survivors and other individuals with traumatic injuries. These needs were reflected in the 2018 Traffic Records Improvement Plan and have shaped activities in the ensuing two years of Kentucky Trauma Registry funding. We cannot provide accurate assessments regarding the state's progress towards reducing the burden of motor vehicle crash-related injury unless we are confident in the integrity of reported data. Building on findings from the FFY 2020 reassessment of reporting trends, upgraded data management and response to elements of the Traffic Records Improvement Plan, we will implement the new Trauma Registry Data Dictionary, provide dissemination of best practices in reporting, and develop peer-to-peer training and support mechanisms. State support is not available for this work because of critical shortfalls in mandated state functions, notably pension funding.
Effective start/end date10/1/209/30/21


  • KY Office of Highway Safety: $96,356.00


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