UK Kentucky Homeplace Project

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2.00-Services Required The University of Kentucky (UK), Center of Rural Health Kentucky Homeplace shall: A. Provide education and assistance to rural Kentuckians 1. Provide DPH a line-item budget for the upcoming Fiscal Year, by May 30th each year. 2. Provide DPH a detailed definition of each service, including chronic disease and senior assistance provided by the organization, within ten (10) days of contract implementation. 3. Provide to DPH, for approval, a copy of their patient Plan of Care, which includes a discharge planning process, within thirty (30) days of contract implementation. 4. Collect the following data within thirty (30) days of contract implementation: a. Type of payer (insured, Medicaid, Medicare, dual-eligible, uninsured) information. b. Information on hospital admissions and Emergency Department (E.D.) use for each patient. c. Identification of the type of visit (home visit, office visit, phone contact). d. The length of time for each visit actually spent with the patient (exclusive of any travel). e. The length of time spent by staff for training, community meetings, administrative processing (mailings, paperwork, etc.) separate from patient service time. 5. Provide the name and contact information for lead staff person and/or information on changes in lead position, within thirty (30) days of contract implementation.
Effective start/end date7/1/186/30/20


  • KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services: $978,100.00


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