UK-KTC Implementation of Crash Review M3DA-2022-00-00-09

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Abstract Crash Review Implementation PI: Ben Blandford Co-I Eric Green In 2020, the Kentucky Transportation Center completed a project to review the crash database for completeness, accuracy, and uniformity. For the project, a crash data users group was convened to review, discuss, and provide recommendations on crash data improvements. The project produced a number of recommendations that were well supported by the group and are worthy of implementation. This project will follow-up on the completed work by developing the recommendations into fully actionable measures by identifying and working with the needed parties to determine the specifics on how recommendations could be integrated into crash data generation systems and processes. This project would help translate the recommended measures and ensure that the intention behind the recommendations matches the actuality of the changes. SECTION C: Goals and Objectives 1. To improve the completeness, accuracy, and uniformity of Kentucky’s Crash database by implementing recommendations developed in the previous Crash Review project. 2. Performance will be tracked in terms of how many specific recommendations are developed into actionable items. The goal is to develop at least ten recommendations for implementation by September 30, 2022. SECTION D: Strategies and Actions The KTC project team will review and analyze the Crash Review project recommendations using the Model Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria (MMUCC) as a reference. The team will organize and facilitate a series of meetings with those who operate and administer the Crash database, namely Kentucky State Police and LexisNexis. Through these meetings, each of the recommendations will be evaluated in terms of 1) What specific steps would be required to implement the changes; 2) What problems may be encountered in developing the changes; 3) Potential solutions to any encountered problems; and 4) To what extent would the changes result in data improvements that would reflect the intention behind the recommendations. Some of the changes may require input from data users outside the team or potentially from other states who have already implemented similar changes to their crash data reporting. The KTC team will coordinate, as needed, communications from all needed parties to ensure successful implementation. Upon completion, the team will develop a guide document for data creators and data users to describe the updates in clear and concise language. The document can serve to guide any future training or educational materials regarding the crash database.
Effective start/end date10/1/219/30/22


  • KY Office of Highway Safety: $70,060.00


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