UK-KTC KSP Prioritization Project M3DA-2021-00-00-10

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Abstract DATA-DRIVEN PRIORITIZATION OF KSP ENFORCEMENT AND EDUCATION TO IMPROVE HIGHWAY SAFETY PI Eric Green CO-I Tony Fields In Kentucky, law enforcement agencies do not necessarily have access to timely, data-driven analysis of location based risk on the roadway network. Similar safety-oriented analyses, performed by the Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC), are used for various statewide planning and prioritization efforts. This project would improve the accessibility and integration of the crash and roadway datasets by delivering GIS-based tools, such as ArcGIS online, and other regular updates to Kentucky State Police (KSP) and other agencies to facilitate data-driven prioritization of education and enforcement resources in their jurisdiction. The project could further improve data quality by integrating the citation database as an additional consideration in the prioritization of resources. By using existing and custom software solutions, the project would determine high-risk locations based on existing crash, roadway, and citation data and deploy resources accordingly. The tools would provide timely information about specific trends including crash types and behavioral factors – impaired driving, distracted driving, aggressive driving, etc. – in order to more efficiently allocate resources. KTC staff would work in conjunction with KSP intelligence analysts to identify data sources necessary to provide timely analyses specific to current and upcoming enforcement and education efforts. This effort will begin as a pilot for a specific KSP Post that is willing to participate and provide feedback. SECTION C: Goals and Objectives: 1. To provide custom data analysis to Kentucky State Police to facilitate a data-driven prioritization of jurisdiction-specific enforcement and education efforts. 2. To develop and host ArcGIS Online crash mapping tools and provide prioritized crash segment lists, for use by KSP intelligence analysts, based on current enforcement and education campaigns. 3. Performance will be tracked by the number of safety analysis maps and lists provided to KSP posts. The goal is to go from 0 custom maps/lists to 16 (one for each post) by the September 30, 2022. The pilot map/list will be provided early in the project. SECTION D: Strategies and Activities: KTC staff will collaborate with KSP personnel to determine specific data requirements for both overall and campaign-specific resource prioritization. A systemic safety approach will be employed to locate and identify existing crash factors which can be prevented in the future by targeted, data-driven enforcement and education. The findings of such analysis will be communicated to KSP in the form of prioritized lists of high- risk locations and online maps. KTC will provide training as needed. Feedback from KSP will help guide the crash types and behavioral factors that may be used as part of the analysis.
Effective start/end date8/20/219/30/22


  • KY Office of Highway Safety: $145,000.00


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