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Abstract OHS, Progress Evaluation of Prioritization of MIRE Elements PI Reginald Souleyrette 10/01/2021-9/30/2022 The Model Inventory of Roadway Elements (MIRE) is a listing of roadway inventory and traffic elements for highway safety management. Within MIRE, there are a subset of Fundamental Data Elements (FDEs) which are required by the Federal Highway Administration, in addition to the larger set of elements that are recommended. While KYTC is near completion with the FDEs, progress toward the larger set of MIRE elements is less understood. To address this, this project would 1) Assess the current status of all MIRE elements for Kentucky roads (not just FDEs); 2) Provide a gap analysis of each MIRE element to determine what would be required to have the element in completion; and 3) Develop and apply a prioritization scheme on the incomplete elements based upon the need for the element and the cost/effort required to obtain/maintain it. Project results would provide KYTC with a complete and consistent assessment and provide guidance toward future completion of all MIRE data elements. 1. To assess the completeness in Kentucky roadway databases of all 202 MIRE data elements by September 30, 2022. 2. Of the 202 MIRE data elements that are currently incomplete, perform a gap analysis to determine what would be required to complete the element by September 30, 2022. 3. Evaluate and prioritize future efforts toward completing all 202 MIRE data elements by September 30, 2022.The KTC research team will work with KYTC to identify relevant database managers for the MIRE elements.
Effective start/end date10/1/219/30/22


  • KY Office of Highway Safety: $69,721.00


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