UK-KTC Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) PT-2022-00-00-89

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Abstract SHSP Strategic Highway Plan FY22 PI - Reginald Souleyrette Co-I Ben Blandford The Kentucky Transportation Center has assisted KYTC in developing and updating its SHSP, including its first iteration in 2006 and the update submitted and approved by FHWA for the years 2015-2019. The objective of this project is to update (assist in implementing) a fully compliant Kentucky Strategic Highway Safety Plan that will result in significant reductions in crash loss in the State of Kentucky. As such, KTC and its research partners at the University of Kentucky will generate data and content for a proactive, living, and implementable instrument which will outline actionable SMART goals aligned with KYTC’s mission of providing a safe and efficient transportation system. To achieve these objectives, the Plan is a focused, collaborative effort across emphasis areas and cross-cutting strategies. This project will provide technical support to the SHSP Emphasis Area Task Forces and Technical Leadership Team. The following tasks will be performed: 1. The SHSP will be revised as needed in coordination with other agency programs, including the Kentucky Traffic Records Coordinating Committee. Highway crash data, roadway attribute data, and traffic information will be updated annually, at a minimum, from sources such as: a. the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, b. the Highway Information System, c. Kentucky crash records database, and d. other databases, as relevant. 2. SHSP Emphasis Area Task Forces will be supported, including: a. continued data collection and analysis, b. continued evaluation of strategies, c. tracking the progress of those projects that have been implemented, and d. identifying new strategies for implementation. 3. Safety improvement approaches from the “Four Es” of highway safety will be considered and recommended (education, enforcement, emergency Services, and engineering) 4. The SHSP Technical Leadership team will be supported, including: a. identification of members at the direction of the Director of the Office of Highway Safety and b. facilitation of meetings.
Effective start/end date10/1/219/30/22


  • KY Office of Highway Safety: $50,000.00


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