UK-KTC Traffic Records Strategic Plan

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Kentucky's 2017 Traffic Records Strategic Plan is currently under development. As part of this plan, goals and objectives for each of the program areas are being identified to guide future efforts toward improving Kentucky's traffic records program. Specific performance metrics will also be identified and implemented to track progress according to a schedule outlined in the Strategic Plan. The new goals, objectives, and metrics in the Traffic Records Strategic Plan will require the acquisition of new data. They will also involve more integration across multiple Traffic Records databases. For example, the Strategic Plan may require linking driver data and citation adjudication data in real time. The proposed project will continue the development and implementation of procedures for regularly monitoring the quality of traffic records in Kentucky. The procedures and data collection will facilitate the efforts of the KTRAC data quality improvement sub-committee team to effectively review the existing traffic records system, identify potential improvements, and report to the KTRAC membership. The research will update and advance the Traffic Records Implementation Plan (TRIP), which is being developed to assist the Kentucky traffic records community in meeting the goals and objectives identified in the Strategic Plan.
Effective start/end date10/1/179/30/18


  • KY Office of Highway Safety: $75,000.00


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