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Abstract OHS, Annual Traffic Records Assessment Project: Traffic Records Strategic Plan (TRSP) 2022-2025 10/1/2021-9/30/2022 The Kentucky Transportation Center has continued to assist each traffic records database in the development and implementation of a Traffic Records Improvement Plan (TRIP) for the 2018-21 Traffic Records Strategic Plan (TRSP). The TRIP was written after NHTSA’s traffic records assessment in 2017, which included recommendations for database improvements for the six traffic records databases. A 2022-2025 update to the TRSP would provide continuous quality improvement, leading up to the next NHTSA review period, which is likely to be in mid-2022. While the NHTSA review may occur toward the end of the next grant cycle, the TRSP can be informed by and updated with the NHTSA review materials. KTC continues to assist each database in the identification and development of projects to address NHTSA’s recommendations as well as the identification and development of projects to improve all other database attributes. Some projects are underway. But some are not sufficiently developed to justify future investments of the resources needed to accomplish the goals set out in the Traffic Records Improvement Plan (TRIP). This grant will continue KTC’s assistance to the databases in their effort to develop projects for successful attainment of each databases’ goals in the TRIP. as no metrics in and of itself. Please refer to specific goals and metrics of all KY 405 projects. In this project, the Kentucky Transportation Center staff will: 1. Continue the collection of data for the performance metrics of each database from the appropriate database liaison. 2. Using staff expertise with records assessments in other states, provide comparisons and generate ideas for further improvements, including links between databases. 3. Monitor and document progress toward fulfilling the goals and timetables in the implementation plan. Facilitate discussions with database liaisons to resolve any problems that may arise in the development of projects to meet the goals. A preliminary list of possible projects and funding issues for continued improvement is included in Section D of this document. 5. Document any necessary changes in the goals of the implementation plan or reasons for delays in meeting the goals and/or completing the projects underway. 6. Submit a progress report that assesses progress in project development and documents successful project completion. 7. Develop an infographic, or dashboard, to demonstrate the long-term database improvements from 2013 to present, with identification of specific upgrades in the six attributes of each database.
Effective start/end date10/1/219/30/22


  • KY Office of Highway Safety: $75,000.00


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