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Abstract OHS, Kentucky Traffic Safety Data Service-KTSDS FY22 10/1/2021 -9/30/2022 This project is a continuation of the popular Kentucky Traffic and Safety Data Service (KTSDS) modeled after the Iowa 405 Program of similar name. Since its establishment KTSDS has provided invaluable services to requestors from across the spectrum of safety stakeholders. Accessibility is one of the key metrics describing the quality of traffic records. In Kentucky much has been done to improve the accessibility to data but less so to improve the accessibility to the information, knowledge, and wisdom that can and should be the goal of a data query. Access to those with the education, training, and experience to provide this outcome is difficult or impossible to many who would benefit from this improved access. These groups include decision makers, consultants, non-safety state and local agencies, law enforcement groups, citizens groups, attorneys, and the media. For those public-facing stakeholders, careful attention must be paid to data and information requests such that a) all potentially affected parties are aware of the requests, b) information and analysis is properly obtained and developed, c) the information provided is properly documented, and that d) users are adequately educated as to proper use. Often, data experts must work with requestors and help them articulate what they actually need to accomplish the goal that precipitated the initial request. Goals and Objectives: 1. To Increase Accessibility to Safety Analysis and Capabilities (experts) for end users from a starting baseline of the number of requests fulfilled in the previous KTSDS year (29 projects were completed in the last funding cycle). 2. To provide 30-40 small studies of traffic safety to end users by September 30, 2021. 3. To maintain the KTSDS website documenting and publicizing the service based on the Iowa Traffic Service model (which has been funded by the 411/408/405 program since 1999). Strategies and Activities: The Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) has considerable resources and expertise for identifying and addressing safety concerns using a variety of traffic records databases and tools. The aim of this study is to increase access to and integration of data from the six traffic record systems and especially to increase access to expert resources with a more in-depth knowledge of the databases. Accordingly, KTC will continue to market and host a free traffic data service to enable users to "access an expert" to conduct small studies and get answers to traffic safety problems which would ordinarily be out of reach due to a) difficulty and expense of contracting, or b) lack of awareness that such expert resources exist and are available to them.
Effective start/end date10/1/219/30/22


  • KY Office of Highway Safety: $47,799.00


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