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  • Mabry, Charles (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The goal of the newborn screening program in the Department for Public Health is to assure that all infants born in the Commonwealth of Kentucky receive a metabolic blood screen, and that any infant with an unsatisfactory or presumptive positive screen is evaluated for a definitive diagnosis for the eastern region of the state. The University of Kentucky shall provide services to these infants identified regardless of ability to pay. The University of Kentucky shall complete the activities below: 1. Establish disease protocols for each of the state mandated conditions from birth throughout , the lifespan. 2. Provide medical follow-up for all infants identified through newborn screening as at-risk for the state mandated conditions in newborn screening. 3. Develop educational resources for parents, the general public and provider education on newborn screening. 4. Participate in the state newborn screening task force work group and provide medical consultation to the newborn screening program. 5. Develop quality assurance program for tracking lost to follow-up patients and submit to the Division of Adult and Child Health Improvement. 6. Each infant that is referred to the University of Kentucky with a presumptive positive result shall receive a definitive diagnosis. These diagnoses are to be recorded in the Newborn Screening referral log. 7. The Newborn Screening referral log and clinic roster is to be submitted monthly to the Division of Adult and Child Health Improvement. 8. Develop and present newborn screening expansion education to Department of Pediatrics at the University of Kentucky and other health care professional groups. 9. Representation from the University of Kentucky will participate in the newborn screening task force work group meetings. 10. Begin the process of working with the Department for Public Health to determine additional deliverables. financial needs and modifications to contract as expansion of the newborn screening progresses.
Effective start/end date7/1/056/30/06


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