UK Migrant Program 09-10

  • Cinnamond, Karen (PI)
  • Compton, Jonathan (CoI)
  • Harrison, Ron (Former PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


Provide cultural sensitivity training to selected OVR staff and project partners; conduct marketing activities related to the migrant project; employ three outreach workers; provide outreach services to targeted counties; develop process (in conjunction with OVR) for referring migrant farmworkers to OVR counselors; participate in community networking opportunities; provide outreach to approximately 1,100 members of the target population (over a five,year period); interview 710 individuals (over a five-year period) to determine appropriateness of referral for vocational rehabilitation and refer at least 500 individuals (over a five-year period) to the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation to determine eligibility for services; develop, implement, and maintain data tracking system for project participants; develop advisory group for project; in conjunction with Toyota Corporation, develop protocol of a Hispanic Outreach Initiative to share with other employers; assist with job development and job placement of 150 project participants (over a five-year period); construct an ongoing qualitative and quantitative feedback process among project partners; generate semi-annual reports; coordinate all project Orelated activities with OVR project director,
Effective start/end date7/1/087/31/11


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