UK NETT Clinical Hub Site: BIO-ProTECT

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ABSTRACT: This is an Amendment to the Master Agreement between The Regents of The University Of Michigan and the University Of Kentucky Research Foundation. The previously entered Master Contract #5000002954 is in support of the project entitled Neurological Emergencies Treatment Trials (“NETT”) Network. The purpose of this amendment is to add Task 5, the Biomarkers of Injury and Outcome in Pro-TECT III (BIO-ProTECT) study. STATEMENT OF WORK: The BIO-ProTECT study is added to the Original Agreement. The Subrecipient will use its best efforts to perform the work described in the Biomarkers of Injury and Outcome in Pro-TECT III study protocol (“Protocol”), as amended. SUBJECT ENROLLMENT: There are 17 Hub-spoke complex sites participating in Task 5. It is anticipated that there will be an enrollment of 805 patients. Enrollment of subjects will continue at all study sites until accrual goals are achieved.
Effective start/end date5/1/114/30/12


  • University of Michigan


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