UK Prevention Research Center - Obesity Grant

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The University of Kentucky (UK) Prevention Research Center (PRC) shall: Develop evaluation plans and final evaluation reports due by June 30, 2014 for a) early care and education. b) farmers’ markets, c) pedestrian plans, d) surveys and other tools needed to meet grant performance measures. Meet with Obesity staff to review grant action plans, data sources and expected products as a result of funding. Draft an evaluation plan that captures outcomes and measures for each objective and/or project performance measure identified i n the grant. The draft is due by January 1, 201 4. Create, implement and analyze stakeholder surveys and training evaluations. Surveys and training evaluation timelines are flexible based on the dates of training. Meet with Obesity staff to review and edit the Year 1 Final Performance Report that includes progress towards objectives, success, barriers encountered, technical assistance and training requests.
Effective start/end date12/1/13 → 6/30/14


  • KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services: $10,270.00


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