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Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Stream Mitigation After Action Review Abstract The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) notified the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources – Kentucky Wetland and Stream Mitigation Fees-In-Lieu-Of (FILO) program to initiate an “After Action Review” (AAR) for third party mitigation on all approved and constructed mitigation sites in Kentucky. The general purpose of the AAR is to evaluate the ecological effectiveness of approved compensatory mitigation performed by this program by assessing the following five major elements: 1. Site suitability and resiliency, 2. Long-term trajectory towards ecological reference, least disturbed condition, and/or best attainable condition, 3. Whether the site provided compensatory mitigation, 4. Appropriateness of the mitigation plan (design/construction) for the landscape setting, and 5. Appropriateness of the approved ecological performance standards. This AAR will focus on stream projects. The PI and Co-PI will serve as the third-party peer reviewers of the technical report generated through the AAR. Total cost for the project is $100,272.
Effective start/end date4/28/236/30/24


  • KY Department of Fish and Wildlife: $100,273.00


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