UK Rutgers Research Assistant Subcontract

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For the fall 2016 semester, Rutgers will contract with UK for the services of Research Assistant Zijia Li, who is a full-time research assistant and doctoral candidate at the Human Development Institute (HDI) for the KY Early Childhood Data Systems (KEDS) project. Zijia¡¦s tasks for the fall semester include: - Assist with development, testing, and running of SAS programming for KEDS data files; - Assist with data analyses and report development for federal and state KEDS child outcome reporting analyses; UK Rutgers Research Assistant Subcontract 2016 2 - Clean and analyze Teacher Perception Survey data and develop associated reports and manuscripts; - Assist with the design of the KEDS online platform for screening and assessment data collection; - Assist with analysis of Transition Validation Survey; - Assist with completion of HELP-VORT Study technical report manuscript; and - Assist with KEDS Validation Study manuscript.
Effective start/end date9/6/1612/31/16


  • Rutgers University: $5,077.00