UK Stormwater Project Feasibility Study

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    UK Stormwater Improvement Feasibility Study – Project Executive Summary This feasibility study is being proposed by the University of Kentucky (UK) to support strategic improvement of stormwater infrastructure across 813 acres and three watersheds through the development of a five-year Stormwater Improvement Feasibility Study. Upon award, the University of Kentucky will work with a local consultant to conduct the study to benefit overall stormwater management quality and quantity on the campus and surrounding community. This study will include review of existing conditions and a development of a five-year plan of strategic projects totaling about $2 million which the University would subsequently submit for funding through LFUCG Stormwater Class B Infrastructure Grants. The primary deliverable of the feasibility study will be a professional recommendation building upon the existing strategic plans, with specific details around the most strategic projects to implement in support of stormwater management. This would include a high-level layout of five or more proposed best management practices (BMPs) that will mitigate targeted areas of concern, as well as details on expected costs, permitting requirements, benefits to the watershed, and other project elements necessary to guide future work and develop future LGUCG Class B Infrastructure grant proposals. The budget of the stormwater analysis and feasibility study has a total project cost of $68,750 with total funding request of $55,000 and applicant match of $13,750 (20%).
    Effective start/end date4/27/237/26/24


    • Lexington Fayette Urban County Government: $35,000.00


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