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  • Rinehart, James (PI)

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Kentucky statues require that superintendents participate in 42 hours of professional development every two (2) years. In the past, experienced superintendents attended conferences outside of Kentucky to complete this requirement. At many of these conferences, the activities did not provide the growth experiences needed for experienced superintendents in Kentucky. Experienced superintendents attended many educational professional development activities over their careers as they progressed from teacher to principal to the Central Office. The purpose of the project entitled, The CEO Superintendent Network, is to develop a model of professional development for experienced superintendents in Kentucky. In order to meet the needs of experienced superintendents, the Kentucky Department of Education issued a MOA to collaborate with the University of Kentucky to develop a program. The following activities will be completed in order to develop such a model: 1. A professional development initiative will be created and implemented that centers on the stated needs of Kentucky superintendents relative to the question: What must high performing superintendents know and be able to do to accelerate and sustain a professional culture of innovation focused on high levels of student achievement? The pilot initiative will be offered to 25 superintendents serving as mentors for the Superintendent Training, Testing and Mentoring Program. Planning for the initiative includes: . A needs assessment developed and disseminated to the 25 superintendents, . An analysis of results, . An initial invitational meeting for superintendents held to discuss the results of the needs assessment, . A planning team appointed and convened on at least three occasions to further plan the initiative, . Plans for a yearlong initiative beginning in January 1004 and end in January 2005, . At least four two-day sessions offered throughout the year, . An evaluation study resulting in improved sessions for succeeding Network participants, and . An outline for an ongoing alumni initiative. 2. The Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Education may also assign additional duties to this project. One additional duty the Commissioner assigned to this project is convening the Educational Leadership Training Collaborative (ELTC), which meets on a monthly basis and is planning to hold a ELTC Summit for schools on understanding the causes of achievement gaps among student groups. Duties include: (~) ~, () '---' . Facilitation of monthly meetings, Developing agendas Facilitating meetings Communicating with members Overseeing the preparation of the minutes Consulting with committees .... . 3. Completion of other requests made by the Commissioner The PIon this grant attends most ofthe activities and receives agenda and minutes from meetings and planning sessions.
Effective start/end date5/1/036/30/04


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