Ukrainian Mine Safety Project

  • Sweigard, Richard (PI)
  • Lineberry, Gene (Former CoI)
  • Wala, Andrzej (Former CoI)

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The coal industry of Ukraine is persistently troubled by methane ignitions resulting in the second highest coal mine fatality rate in the world. The roots of this problem can be traced to a number of geologic, technologic, and economic factors. The Department of Mining Engineering at the University of Kentucky has significant experience in both coal mine ventilation technology and the development of safety training programs, which can be applied to the safety concerns of the Ukrainian coal industry. A two-year project is proposed, consisting of two distinct phases. Although each phase would be approximately one year in duration, there would necessarily be some overlap of the two phases and a great deal of cooperation between the key participants of both phases. The first phase would involve a mine ventilation system analysis under the direction of Dr Andrzej Wala. This analysis is described below and would be completed within one year. The findings from this study would be instrumental in the development of a safety training program under the direction of Dr. G.T. Lineberry. The elements of the training program are outlined below; however, the details are somewhat dependent upon the results of the ventilation system analysis. This scope of work is based on the assumption that the most cost-effective means of increasing coal mine safety in Ukraine is through finding economical ways of improving the mine ventilation systems and by proper training to insure that those system improvements are realized.
Effective start/end date1/1/047/31/12


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