UKRF and KGS Geo Risk Assess, BRIC

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Kentucky Enhanced Hazard Mitigation Plan Update for 2023 The Kentucky Geological Survey (KGS) will compile geologic hazard data to generate hazard and risk assessments for the 2023 Commonwealth of Kentucky Enhanced Hazard Mitigation Plan. The plan supports hazard mitigation activities and qualifies the state to receive pre- and post- disaster federal assistance. KGS expertise will identify and assess earthquakes, landslides, karst hazards, mine subsidence, and radon. Climate change phenomena will be woven into the text and assessment of the pertinent hazards. The main goals of the project include (1) increased awareness and support of proficiency in hazard mitigation (2) maximize and prioritize hazard mitigation activity throughout Kentucky to reduce vulnerabilities to jurisdictions and to losses related to infrastructure and critical facilities and (3) provide local jurisdictions the tools and data that will aid in facilitating, maximizing, and promoting hazard mitigation activity. KGS staff will update geologic hazard data from existing databases, monitoring networks, and assessments that contribute to profile risk tables required by Kentucky Emergency Management and FEMA. The KGS work will be part of broad participation by stakeholders, collaboration among agencies, and communication needed for effective hazard mitigation planning.
Effective start/end date9/19/222/14/25


  • KY Department of Military Affairs: $61,810.00


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