UM1 Supplement for Early Therapeutic Trails with Phase 2 Intent

Grants and Contracts Details


SCOPE of WORK (SOW) – UK The NCI designated UK Markey Cancer Center (UK MCC), including the MCC Clinical Research Network of multiple clinical facilities throughout the state of Kentucky, will serve as a consortium institution evaluating therapeutic agents which have completed phase 1 evaluation. Dr. Susanne Arnold will serve as the subcontract principal investigator for the UK MCC site, responsible for overall administration and oversight of the contract and recruitment at UK MCC. Dr. Arnold will be part of an oversight committee with Drs. Carson and Grever, and consortium representatives and will assure proper regulatory and safety requirements for the clinical trials open under the UM1, as well as the ethical conduct of all clinical and laboratory research activities. Dr. Arnold will commit 5% (0.6 calendar months) of her time for the successful implementation of this award at UK MCC.
Effective start/end date3/1/162/28/18


  • Ohio State University


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