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  • Kleinert, Harold (PI)

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The Interdisciplinary Human Development Institute, University of Kentucky (IHDI) has as its mission to promote the independence, productivity, and inclusion of people with disabilities and their families throughout life. To achieve our mission, we are focused on the following five Core Goals for 2003-2008. In order to focus most clearly on objectives of critical importance to our state, we propose to continue to report on the 25 objectives (as indicated in Table 1) that we identified for Year IV, with the addition of one new objective: Objective 4.5: "Provide annual data to Kentucky's legislators, policymakers, consumers, andfamily members on Kentucky's utilization of supported employment". Selected objectives within each Core Goal are highlighted for our Year V workscope (July 1, 2007 - June 30,2008) and are described in tum below. We note both significant accomplishments for the current year, as well planned activities for Year V. In subsequent sections of this application we address problems we have encountered in implementing our Core workscope, proposed new initiatives for Year V, and the extent to which we have achieved, and will continue to achieve, collaboration with our State DD
Effective start/end date7/1/036/30/08


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