University of Kentucky Bicycle Transportation Master Plan

  • Denny, Warren (PI)

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    This project would see the preparation of a bicycle transportation master plan for the University of Kentucky campus In Lexington. In the last 4 years a major effort has been undertaken by the University of Kentucky to accommodate and regula,te bicycle transportation. Efforts have Included the following: building bicycle parking; formation of a BicycleTransportation Committee; and restricting bicycles where space Is limited to address pedestrian safety. Astudy undertaken by the Kentucky Transportation Center In September 1998 found that In a 12-hour period 3628 bicycle trips traveled Into or out of the campus area. Bicycletransportation Is Important on campus, not only to students but also faculty, staff and the surrounding community . While the area surrounding the University has some dedicated bicycle Infrastructure such as paths or lanes, for the most part, bicycling conditions are considered poor. The University seeks to work' with the City, who Is responsible for many streets that pass through c~mpus, to Improve bicycling conditions. Improvements are needed not only to provide easier bicycle access, but also Insure the safety of bicycles, pedestrians and vehicles. Furthermore, improvements that are made to accommodate bicycles can Improve access for those with disabilities including wheelchairs. In order to accomplish these goals and Include bicycle considerations where appropriate when other projects are pursued on campus, a coordinated and comprehensive plan for bicycle transportation need Is required. It Is proposed that as the first step In this project the appropriate departments of the University will establish the exact scope and needed requirements of a plan. These departments Include: Parking and Transportation, Capital Projects Management, and the University Architect. However, It Is expected that the plan will consist of the following elements: -policy guidelines on the opportunities and challenges of campus bicycle transportation; -an assessment of bicycle connection I network needs (these might Include specific corridors or points where there Is a bicycle transportation demand but the connection is currently inadequate); -a plan for future bicycle connections Including specific gUidelines for the type of facility needed In specific locations; and -an assessment of parking needs and the proposed locations for future parking. Bicycletransportation plans are becoming commonplace for cities, towns, and campuses. There exists considerable expertise In the area of accommodating bicycles while promoting safety, solid engineering and increase use of non-motorized transportation modes. It is proposed that this plan be conducted by a consultant with demonstrated expertise in the are of bicycle transportation planning. It Is proposed that the consultant be required to hold several open forums with the University of Kentucky community to establish the strengths, problems, and potential solutions for bicycle transportation on campus.
    Effective start/end date8/18/036/30/06


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