University of Kentucky Center for Cancer and Metabolism (Imaging Core)

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The proposed University of Kentucky Center for Cancer and Metabolism (CCM) is designed to address a significant gap in cancer research by providing the multidisciplinary infrastructure to support career development in the area of metabolic reprogramming of the tumor microenvironment. Routine and high-end imaging constitute a critical component of this effort, as the ability to visualize and quantify target molecules and their effects on cellular structure and function are heavily dependent on the availaability and quality of the imaging systems. The Imaging Core in this application will provide technical services and support for CCM project research laboratories and pilot project recipients and is well positioned to advance the CCM mission in cancer and matabolism through delivery of an expanded range of imaging services to COBRE investigators and others. This will be accomplished by the achievement of three Specific Aims: Specific Aim 1. To provide project-specific training and consultation for COBRE investigators. Specific Aim 2. To develop and/or adapt state-of-the-art imaging tech iques to enhance the research of early-stage and pilot project COBRE investigators. Specific Aim 3. To develop and implement new methods, such as project-specific sample preparation, to enhance CCM imaging services and make such services available to COBRE and non-COBRE users. Imaging Core users will have access to this no-cost facility where investigators can evaluate their tissue or cellular samples using various types of instruments. The core will also support routine analysis as well as introduce investigators to high-end imaging options and capabilities relevant to their studies, thereby facilitating the research successes of these users. Dr. Jianhang Jia, the Director of the Imaging Core, is a highly productive investigator who has successfully obtained substantial extramural research support that relies extensively on sophisticated imaging capabilities. He has, thus, invested extensive effort in the development and improvement of instrumentation within the Markey Cancer Center. He will consult with CCM investigators on the design of experiments using imaging modalities, a role that he assumed in guiding the development of the four CCM research projects in this application.
Effective start/end date3/1/1712/31/20


  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences


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