University of Kentucky Commonwealth Center for Instructional Technology and Learning

  • Berdine, William (PI)
  • Krampe, Kristina (CoI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The primary goal of CCITL is to enhance the educational experiences of schoolage students with learning challenges in the state of Kentucky by providing electronic support to instructional personnel selecting and implementing instructional technology. In order to achieve this goal, six primary objectives will be addressed: 1. To identify six pilot LEAs who are representative of the population demographics of Kentucky; an advisory board of instructional personnel and parents to represent the six pilot LEAS as well as experts in the areas of instructional technology and disabilities; and representatives from the KDE to participate in project activities. 2. To conduct needs assessment activities with participating LEAs, advisory board members, and KDE representatives. 3. To develop a prototype of a WPSS related to instructional technology, including an on-line expert system and mentoring program, for instructional personnel in the K-12 setting. 4. To conduct a formative evaluation, including 3l pilot test with participating LEAs, of the CCITL WPSS. 5. To evaluate the effectiveness of the CCITL project in supporting instructional personnel working with school-age students with learning challenges. 6. To disseminate information about the project and its activities during the year that the project is in operation.
Effective start/end date7/1/026/30/04


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