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    The roles of the DOC, the UK-CES, the Kentucky Soil and Water Conservation Commission, and Kentucky's 121 local conservation districts have changed and expanded to address NPS pollution concerns associated with agriculture and silviculture activities as related to the new and emerging regulations and legislation. To ensure that the NPS Pollution Management Program goals are properly integrated, the liaison will serve as a member of planning and implementation groups of these organizations. The liasion's activities will be focused on developing, assembling, disseminating information, increasing knowledge, and changing attitudes related to the AWQA and other information related to natural resources and agriculture NPS pollution. This position will be responsible for the dissemination of the many NPS materials published by the Authority, the UK-CES, and other state and federal agencies. By coordinating with other agencies and organizations, this position will encourage and support county extension agents, university researchers, extension specialists, and DOC field staff in helping agriculture producers, commodity groups, and the general public to understand the necessary changes required to meet the provisions of new NPS-related laws and regulations. The liasion will participate in technology transfer of any new BMPs or management changes. Project activities will be communicated to and coordinated with the Kentucky Watershed Management Approach Program in the DOW. Information generated from the AWQA throughout the state will be processed and conveyed to the DOW's NPS Section for use in updating and revising the Kentucky Nonpoint Source Management Program. Data from ongoing BMP demonstration projects, water bodies, soil profiles, landscape elements, aerial photography, watershed maps, etc. will be incorporated into the educational materials. In coordination with DOC's electronic transfer staff, GIS coverages, maps and electronic information on soils, hydrology, site-specific conditions, relief, land use, topography and geology will be created to assist in NPS training. Coordination efforts between specialists at UK-CES and DOC will result in the development of this information. This information will be disseminated through interagency training and at agriculture producer educational events. Education and outreach publications and presentations in support of the field staff are aimed not only at NPS pollution reduction and tracking, but also at preventing the pollution of the waters of the Commonwealth. This support will be directed toward producers, citizens, and also schools, youth organizations, and educational institutions. final draft of printed materials and other products will be submitted to the DOW for review and approval prior to final product development and/or distribution.
    Effective start/end date7/1/0612/31/08


    • KY Natural Resources Environmental Protection Cabinet: $67,420.00


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