University of Kentucky Police Department, Mobile Data Computer Project

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    In order to continue working toward building a more resilient University community, UK seeks to enhance interoperability with the State, Region, and Local first responder agencies by obtaining Mobile Data Computers (MDCs) for the University of Kentucky Police Department (UKPD). MDCs will allow UKPD to provide and receive more accurate, clear, and concise data communications, will decrease unnecessary voice communications, and will allow for silent, secured-access dispatching and police operations. At the end of the grant period, UKPD will be more equipped to communicate amongst themselves and other agencies utilizing the same technology. This project will be considered successful when 100% of officers have a readily available MDC from which to perform their critical job duties. UK's Main Campus is located within a ½ mile of the downtown business district of Lexington, Kentucky. Within a day's drive of 75% of the population of the United States, Lexington is strategically located at the intersection of interstates 64 and 75. Lexington is accessible by air with approximately 100 direct and nonstop flights. Fayette County consists of 283 square miles of gently rolling plateau in the center of the inner Bluegrass Region. The main campus of UK encompasses a two and one half miles (670 acres) area of Fayette County, with two large agricultural/animal research station locations on the north and south sides of the Fayette county and another 1500 acre farm in neighboring Woodford County. Additional properties can be found in all 120 counties of the Commonwealth. In Fall 2011, 28,094 students were enrolled at UK, 12,345 full-time employees worked at UK, including 2,290 full-time faculty and librarians. A total of 7,487 part-time staff and 420 part-time faculty members also were employed. Total students, faculty, staff: 48,346. UKPD is responsible for coordinating, staffing and training security and police operations at the University of Kentucky Medical Center, which maintains one of Kentucky's two Level I Trauma Centers. The University is host to Level II Biological labs, a Gamma Knife utilizing radioactive chemicals, and other biological materials used for research and medical procedures. UKPD also serves as the lead agency during all University sporting events, the largest being football and basketball, both of which are broadcasted regionally and nationally. Commonwealth Stadium often reaches maximum capacity at 67,000 attendees. Year after year, Rupp Arena ranks first in highest average attendance among NCAA Division I schools seating approximately 23,000. MDCs would help provide the data interoperability necessary to immediately request and provide complete information concerning a mutual aid request for support from available agencies. This year, the University began implementing tough decisions in this challenging budget environment while minimizing the impact on the most important priorities as a university. There was a reduction in workforce in the wake of a $20 million reduction in state support for the 2012-2013 year and $24 million in additional increases in fixed costs. UK has dealt with $50 million in recurring reductions from the state since 2007. We also face flat or declining federal support, low-yields from short-term investment income, and continued increases in basic operating costs. We are no different in that regard from businesses and local and state governments that have faced even deeper cuts over a more prolonged period of time. As we absorb shortfalls across many revenue sources even as we aim to make progress as a University in a way that serves our students, our patients, and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, UKPD requests eight (8) additional MDCs with related software and printers. The MDCs requested will be utilized in addition to currently owned MDCs that were purchased using KOHS funds and University funds, and procured using State Price Contract. All maintenance associated with the lifelong duration of the MDC hardware and software will be the responsibility of UKPD.
    Effective start/end date12/1/126/30/13


    • KY Office of Homeland Security: $9,120.00


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