University of Kentucky Professional Development Perkins Leadership Project 2014-15

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Project Overview: This project is to support professional development in Career & Technical for 2 Business/Marketing and 3 agriculture teacher educators. The primary tool for that professional development is professional travel to state and national conferences. Project Development: Why is there a need for this project? Career and Technical Education is in a constant state of change in instructional strategies, technology integration, and content. Without this support, Kentucky's Career and Technical teacher educators could not keep up with their profession. Of particular interest will be professional development in College and Career Readiness as manifest in Senate Bill 1. What are the project objectives? 1. To acquire relevant professional development, particularly in College and Career Readiness, for University of Kentucky CTE teacher educators through travel to national CTE conferences. 2. To impart to pre-service teachers new knowledge in CTE 3. To participate in Kentucky CTE activities through professional service 4. To monitor how preservice teachers build new knowledge into field experiences
Effective start/end date7/1/146/30/15


  • KY Education and Workforce Development Cabinet: $1,500.00


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