University Training Consortium (Self-Care Initiative)

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To address self-care challenges illustrated in the data above, this narrative proposes the conceptualization, development, and initial evaluation of a self-care training initiative specifically tailored to public child welfare workers in Kentucky. This initiative will include the following elements (scope): 1. Collection of primary data associated with conceptualizing a strategic self-care initiative for CHFS employees. This will include collecting and analyzing perspectives of both Family Support and P&P staff in selected regions. These data will be analyzed via MDS and HCA to explicate a participatory conceptual framework for the development of the initiative. 2. Develop an adapted modular training for CHFS employees, based on the conceptual framework delineated above. 3. Training of personnel (Training of Trainer format) at EKU Training Branch to deliver self-care trainings to CHFS staff as part of new employee training. Additionally, training models associated with delivering self-care trainings to existing employees will be demarcated. 4. Initial evaluation of self-care trainings
Effective start/end date7/1/176/30/18


  • Eastern Kentucky University


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