Unrine Scope 10-104B Water Resources Research Institute Annual Base Program 2021-2026

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Information transfer activities are an essential part of the overall program of the Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute. There are six main ongoing components: annual symposium, media impacts, educational activities, administrative management and technical support, fostering collaborative partnerships with community organizations, and developing and disseminating user-friendly tools. Under KWRRI’s strategic plan, new methods and goals have been established to optimize growth and further enhance community engagement, outreach, and capacitybuilding initiatives. Under this information transfer project, KWRRI will seek to accomplish the following objectives: 1. Bolster the utility and attendance of the annual water research symposium through strategic planning, ensuring diverse and relevant content that caters to the interests and needs of the water research community in Kentucky. 2. Increase media impacts through newsletters, website content, social media, and other platforms, promoting the resources and initiatives of our Institute to a broader audience, including researchers, managers, and policymakers. 3. Maintain or expand educational activities, including presentations, facilitation, technical assistance, and volunteer coordination, emphasizing the importance of water resources education and training in the state. 4. Provide administrative and technical support to the Institute via tracking, editing, and assessment to ensure the efficient functioning of all operations and enhance the overall quality of our services and programs. 5. Foster collaborative partnerships with community organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies to become a trusted source of information and support for water resources management in Kentucky. 6. Develop and disseminate user-friendly tools and resources to assist water researchers and managers across the state in making informed decisions and implementing effective management strategies. By achieving these objectives, KWRRI aims to strengthen its role as a critical community partner and trusted source of information for water resources management in Kentucky, supporting capacity building, knowledge sharing, and collaborative problem-solving among stakeholders.
Effective start/end date9/1/218/31/26


  • US Geological Survey


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