UofL-KY Traffic Data Linkage/Integration M3DA-2023-00-00-10

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Abstract Data Linkage to Improve Traffic Safety Data Set Integration in Kentucky FY23 Problem Identification Over the past two years we have worked to link traffic safety data for the purposes of improving data integration across Kentucky. Specifically, we have linked motor vehicle crashes, EMS data, and trauma registry data. Currently we have achieved a strong linkage rate for 2018 and are working to link 2019. Additionally current activities for our FY22 project are to investigate additional data sets to build data integration and investigate linkage approaches. UK Scope: Continuations: • Assist UL in maintaining access to virtual machines and data services at UK College of Pharmacy (Trauma Registry). New Activities: • Assist in prototyping a dashboard to track the accessibility, completeness, and integration of specific traffic safety datasets involved in this project. • Assist in exploring access protocols and establish relationships to access data sets including insurance data, driver licensing data, medical billing data, real time traffic data, citation data and more. • Explore data aggregation, mapping and modeling procedures. Assist in developing a database schema.
Effective start/end date10/1/229/30/23


  • University of Louisville: $30,000.00


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