Update and Refine the Kentucky Strategic Highway Safety Plan: Kentucky's Roadmap to Safer Highways SPR No. 10-410

  • Pigman, Jerry (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


A. Review and update the key data used in the 2006' edition of the roadmap to establish "strategic opportunities to reduce fatalities and serious injuries" through 2009. This will include crash and other data representative of highway safety in Kentucky. Identify new areas of potential interest/concern that affect highway safety given the changing demographical and technical situation. B. Revise and update specific data needed for each focus/emphasis area. Determine data gaps/conflicts and prepare a safety datalknowledge map composite that displays the data and information relating to all identified focus/emphasis areas. Also identify and update the data needed to establish the changes that have occurred in accordance with selected performance measures previously identified for each emphasis or focus area of the 2006 Roadmap, including emphasis or focus areas added by the Governor's Executive Committee on Highway Safety in the interim. C. Prepare a data update and preliminary status report for each focus/emphasis area for the Governor's Executive Committee on Highway Safety. This material will be provided for review prior to the Lifesavers Highway Safety Conference of2010.
Effective start/end date2/1/106/30/10


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