US Based Collaboration in Emerging Viral and Prion Diseases

  • Telling, Glenn (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The laboratory of Dr. Glenn Telling at the University of Kentucky will under subcontract perfonnthe following tasks: . Develop multiple iterations of transgenic mice expressing the nonnal cervid prion protein (CerPrP). . Detennine the susceptibility of Tg(CerPrP) mice to infection with the CWD prion by: (1) observation for clinical disease, (2) necropsy, histopathology to map brain lesions, (3) immunohistochemistry, ELISA and western blotting to demonstrate PrPCWDin tissues, and (4) end-point in vivo titration. . Use the most sensitive Tg(CerPrP) mouse strains to search for CWD infectivity in body fluids and excreta from CWD+ deer by: (1) bioassay of blood and lymph from deer in Tg(CerPrP) mice, and, (2) immunostaining of blood and lymphoid cells in CWD-inoculated Tg(CerPrP) mice for PrPCWD. . Evaluate the suitability of Tg(CerPrP) mice for typing of CWD strains by in vivo inoculation of mice with CWD+ brain material from mule deer, white tail deer, and elk followed by western blotting to assess PrPCWDglycofonns.
Effective start/end date9/30/0212/31/10


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