U.S. Road Assessment Program

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The University of Kentucky (UK) will assist MRIGlobal in developing training materials for US Road Assessment Program (usRAP) protocols. The training materials will be developed with three audiences in mind: highway agencies interested in conducting usRAP studies; consultants interested in conducting usRAP studies for highway agencies; and highway agencies or consultants trying to implement safety improvement programs using usRAP results. The training materials that UK will assist in the development of include: Subtask a) Work with Iowa State University under guidance from MRI to develop a usRAP risk mapping training manual and an accompanying PowerPoint presentation on how to prepare risk maps. The risk mapping manual will be fairly general in nature, presenting information pertaining to analysis section creation guidelines/processes and general risk mapping protocol. Existing EuroRAP documents may be leveraged in th is effort. A case study, likely from a previous pilot state, will be documented and provide more specific details about data set and software (e.g. ArcGIS) utilization. Division of effort will be ISU: 40 hours, UK 15 hours. Subtask b) Work with Iowa State University under guidance from MRI to develop a Road Protection Scoring (RPS) Manual and an accompanying Power Point presentation on how to develop star ratings with focus on obtaining preparing data for use in the usRAP safety analysis tools software. Key components of this task, and resulting manual, will include modifying the existing International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) inspection manual to be more US-specific, outlining possible data reduction procedures through use of different input data sets (e.g. video log, Google Street View, etc.), suggesting QA/QC procedures, discussing integration of non-video based attribute data (e.g. from GISbased roadway inventory), documenting data set creation for use in the iRAP software, and documenting use of the iRAP software and interpretation of the results. Division of effort will be ISU: 40 hours, UK 10 hours.
Effective start/end date11/14/112/28/14


  • MRIGlobal: $93,558.00


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