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The goal of the U.S. Wheat and Barley Scab Initiative is to develop as quickly as possible effective control measures that minimize the threat of Fusarium head blight (scab) to the producers, processors, and consumers of wheat and barley. In one sense, the Initiative is a self-organized "contact group" on scab. The organizational structure of the USWBSI is comprised of a Steering Committee (sq, an Executive Committee (EC), six research area committees (RAC) and the Networking and Facilitation Office (NFO). The composition of all committees is designed to ensure balanced input from all commodities, regions, disciplines, and institutions engaged in the battle against scab in the development of the annual recommended research plan and budget. Development of the annual recommended research plan and budget is a complex process. The Initiative's Networking and Facilitation Office (NFO), based at Michigan State University, facilitates and coordinates this process. As "headquarters" ofthe Initiative, the Networking & Facilitation Office (NFO) is the liaison between the USWBSI and USDA-ARS-NPS administration. The USWBSI now has 79 researchers working on 113 projects at 24 different institutions across the U.S and in Mexico. A fundamental approach to achieving the primary objectives listed below is the operation of an administrative unit consisting of the Director, the Manager and a half-time web programmer. The Manager is employed by and based at Michigan State University. and reports directly to the PI who is the Director of the Networking and Facilitation Office. This project will provide financial support for the majority of the NFO's activities. Funding for the Manager's salary and small operating fund is provided by the research project submitted by Dr. James J. Kells titled "Hosting of the Manager of the USWBSI's Networking & Facilitation Office. That project is funded by USDA-ARS through Extramural Agreement No. 59-0790-4-128. The halftime web programmer, who works in close collaboration with the Manager ofthe NFO, and is responsible for maintaining the Initiative's web presence, is based at USDA-ARS, Albany, CA working under the direction of Dr. Olin Anderson. The objectives ofthe NFO are: (1) Facilitate Communication; (2) Maintain and enhance the Resource Management! Accountability Center; (3) Manage and implement all meetings and conferences; and (4) Administer the process of developing the Initiative's annual recommended research plan and budget. The NFO is also responsible for creating and implementing the annual performance reporting procedure, coordination of the annual Scab Forum, all committee meetings, and the dispersal and storage of information. These activities are critical to helping the Initiative reach its goals of developing effective control measures that decrease the threat of Fusarium head blight to the producers, processors, and consumers of wheat and barley. The NFO promotes communication among the varied parties interested in scab, and represents the Initiative's only 'fixed' asset. The NFO is continuing to develop methods that provide all stakeholders and interested parties with dynamic documentation of the Initiative's activities in order to minimize the gaps in knowledge and to provide a means of achieving a high level of accountability.
Effective start/end date4/11/064/10/11


  • Agricultural Research Service: $652,845.00


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