Using ITS Data in Risk Assessment of Transportation Network

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In this research, a framework for using ITS data in risk assessment of transportation network will be developed, in which the dynamic feature of traffic condition will be accommodated. The primary objective of thIs research is to explore how to incorporate ITS data into the risk assessment indices and thus provide dynamic indication of the risk factor. In addition, the data requirement under the context of Archived Data User Service (ADUS) to achieve this shall be developed, and the framework will be tested using simulation. The potential benefits of this research include (1) establishing a basic understanding of how the ITS data can be incorporated into the risk assessment of transportation network; (2) providing a systematic solution to the risk assessment using existing ITS data collection and archiving system; (3) providing a tool for decision-makers to perceive terrorist threats as well as transportation safety hazards; and (4) providing an example for further study on effective management of highway network security response, recovery, and mitigation. This research is timely in addressing the national need to improve the security of transportation systems. It could provide an insight into 'how the transportation system security can be improved through interfacing with some existing traffic information and management systems.
Effective start/end date10/30/026/30/05


  • University of Tennessee Transportation Center: $9,999.00


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