Using MarketMaker Demographics Tools to Estimate Market Potential for Value-Added Agriculture Products

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A curriculum including a step by step guide to using the MarketMaker demographics capability as a tool for doing market research and estimating market potential will be developed. Four case studies using WTP by demographic data on locally bottled fluid milk, blueberry tea, maple syrup, and custom chocolates prepared with local fruit will be included in the curriculum. Each case will address the methodology for market research using a preliminary focus group, primary willingness-to-pay data collection, model development and interpretation, and use of the demographic data within (in this case) Kentucky as a pedagogical framework to developing a training curriculum. Drawing on data collected from the Kentucky Food Consumer Panel- this effort also introduces this market research tool developed in Kentucky as a potential methodology for other states. The cases provide a framework for designing and using market research for value-added products targeting local markets. The project will utilize MarketMaker as a foundation for developing the training curriculum with a view toward encouraging producers getting the most out of the demographic data available through this site.
Effective start/end date10/1/0812/30/09


  • Iowa State University: $17,909.00


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