Using the National Health Security Preparedness Index to Strengthen Health Protections and Resiliency

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The scope of work for the UK unit of this NHSPI project will include: • Data acquisition, maintenance, and analysis for the six domains and 19 related subdomains of the Index. o This includes data sources such as: BRFSS, BLS, OES, CDC, NEDSS, ASTHO, APHL, CLSS, FOOD, NHSN, NASPHV, NAPHSIS, OPHPR, NCEH, PHAB, etc.1 • Refinements to the Index Methodology and Measures under the purview of Dr. Glen Mays (as necessary) to continue improving measurement validity and reliability of all components of the index.
Effective start/end date9/1/1910/31/21


  • University of Colorado: $271,005.00


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