UTC 12 006: Inland Waterway Certain Dangerous Cargo Analysis

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To capitalize on various opportunities within the inland waterways, it is essential that the inland waterway industry move toward increased supply chain management efficiency. Currently, some data is shared among interested parties with regard to inland waterway freight movements. However, this data is often not sent in real-time and is seldom processed in a timely manner. The coordinated use of real-time tracking, electronic manifests, and electronic route plans will allow stakeholders of inland waterways to better utilize the network via the Inland Waterway Shipment Management System (IWSMS). Furthermore, the creation of the IWSMS will help to greatly increase the efficiency of inland waterways and improve the competitiveness of the United States in the global economy. The first phase of the project will focus on identifying the requirements necessary to implement a system of this nature for the inland waterway system with regard to CDC (certain dangerous cargo). The requirements will include defining the technology needed, identifying the operational characteristics of a pilot program, working with key stakeholders to determine their potential involvement in the system, identifying existing legacy system to minimize overlap with those system, and working with various private industry partners to gauge their interest in the system.
Effective start/end date1/1/126/30/15


  • Marshall University Research Co


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