Validating Energy Conservation of Advanced Livestock Ventilation Systems with Real-Time Energy Data

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Proper ventilation of livestock barns is essential for health of animals and productivity of farms, but it comes at a significant energy and monetary cost to farmers. In this project, improvements to the operation of barn ventilation, inspired by gains made in non-agricultural buildings, that can provide for animal comfort and health while substantially reducing the energy costs of ventilating barns. The overarching technical goal of the work proposed is to demonstrate energy savings in swine and dairy barns through the installation of high efficiency direct drive electronically commutated (EC) motors on ventilation fans and sensor-driven smart control of these fans. We will generate empirical measurements of energy conservation data, assess the economic impact of implementing conservation practices and disseminate results to stakeholders. Two of the four specific project objectives supported by University of Kentucky are as follows: 2.Demonstrate energy and cost savings from installing high-efficiency direct drive EC motors. Dr. Hayes will assist with identifying the fans to be replaced, ensuring the replacements are installed correctly and confirm the new ventilation scheme provides similar or more air movement compared to the original fans. She will assist with the development of extension materials that describe the effectiveness of the more efficient fans. 3.Develop optimal control strategies based on modulation of fans in response to temperature and humidity signals and demonstrate the improved performance as quantified through comparison to baseline operation measured previously. Dr. Hayes will assist will installation of temperature, humidity, and air speed sensors at the farms to be used by a co-PI at Ohio State to develop and validate the model used to determine the optimal control strategies. She will also assist with getting the newer controller installed and development of extension materials that describe how the controller and strategy could be used.
Effective start/end date5/21/215/7/24


  • Ohio State University: $30,438.00


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