Vega: A Night of Mathematical Musings and Appalachian Initiative for Mathematics Application to WAM Ambassador Program

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The middle and high school outreach through Appalachian Initiative for Mathematics would include sending pairs of graduate/undergraduate students to local schools to present hands-on, inquiry- based lessons in higher mathematics. Interactive inquiry-based activities engage problem solving skills and build intuition. Approaching these abstract problems will help broaden conceptual un- derstanding, build mathematical condence, and enhance problem solving skills. The University of Kentucky is located in the Appalachian region and we are surrounded by rural schools with limited resources. Extending the Appalachian Initiative for Mathematics to include local middle and high schools is in alignment with our overall goal of increasing diversity in the math community and will provide unique opportunities for students in rural schools. At the start of the school year, we will collect interest from graduate students and under- graduate math majors. We will pair graduate and undergraduate students to foster mentorships for undergraduate students. At that time we will also send out emails to local middle and high school advertising our services. As we get interest in the program we will begin to send pairs of graduate/undergraduate students to the schools. The $185 requested will be used to fund 3 visits to local schools. The money for each trip will cover gas money for travel as well as materials needed to create and implement interactive, engaging lessons.
Effective start/end date9/1/194/15/20


  • Institute for Advanced Study: $1,000.00


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