Victimization and Women in the Criminal Justice System

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TK Logan Ph.D. will provide assistance to the PI in managing the coherent implementation and integrity of all research aspects. Drs. Logan and Golder have worked closely in the development and conceptualization of the proposed research and will collaborate closely on all stages of the proposed research. Drs. Logan and Golding will have weekly project meetings via conference call and an on-site meeting at the University of Louisville every other month for the duration of the proposed research. Moreover, Dr. Logan is readily and quickly available for consultation via email or phone. Dr. Logan has extensive applied research experience in the areas of women's health, victimization, and rural and urban women's issues as well as with study implementation and amangement of multisite studies. She has particular interest in understanding the intersection of intimate partner and sexual assault victimization, the health and mental health manifestations of victimization, help-seeking, and the justice system response to intimate partner and sexual assault victimization.
Effective start/end date4/1/102/28/15


  • University of Louisville: $116,187.00


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