Victimization Survey PHASE II: GMB UK Psychometric

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The Phase II Victimization Survey project has a broad scope of services. The main objectives are to compile, build and frame the instrument tool and identify potential anchor items that could be used to frame the future of an invariant instrument that could be used across multiple populations. It is also intended that this serve as a strong dissemination phase for research and a synthesis and consolidation as we enter next stages. Scope of Services: For the purpose of this contract the contractor is referred to as the Research Team in this scope of services document. • The research team will provide, as necessary, IRB approval at the University level. We will also adhere to research protocol(s) approved by the Office of Research Integrity and when applicable submit necessary follow-up and/or reports within the approved period. This is administrative support and the project manager will lead these tasks, with the support of the PI. • The research team shall create an updated item matrix that identifies the logic for the inclusion of each item included on the Kentucky Statewide Victimization Survey (KSVS) and summarizes the body of supporting research literature. This is a theoretical validation, as well as content and construct validity foundation. This task involves literature research, question framing, and purpose statement and then, the synthesis of information into a table with supporting documentation. This will require the collaboration of the PI and GRA. • The research team shall conduct a thorough and systematic search of the peer reviewed literature related to the survey creation and design, population, and data analysis techniques, as well as any other topics directed by the KY SAC staff. This information shall be summarized for inclusion in the final report and other manuscripts. All references shall be provided in APA format. Likewise, electronic copies of all the included articles will be uploaded to Dropbox or a similar data sharing format that can be accessed by all members of the research team. This has two aspects, both an administrative and research component. This will be collaboration between the PI, project manager and GRA. Our plan would be to create an electronic database through the process. • In partnership with the KY SAC, the research team shall prepare a report that outlines the survey design and methodology. The report shall also summarize the research literature. This has a literature component, design component, and writing component. PI, project manager, faculty member, and GRA will work on this. Survey design is this team’s strength. It involves both psychometric and principles of design. • The research team shall prepare an outline of appropriate dissemination avenues for the project. This is research dissemination and will happen through team collaboration. All parties will be involved with the faculty member taking the lead. • The research team shall work with the KY SAC to analyze actual data collected during the Kentucky Statewide Victimization Survey using a variety of methods as appropriate. These may include: univariate and multivariate statistical analyses, psychometric analyses, Rasch techniques, and factor analysis. This is basically a statistical and psychometrical consultation. This is a full analysis, starting with data cleaning to final results. The full scope of this analysis will be tiered, meaning initial analysis will lead us to next steps. While time consuming, with the entire team (project manager, PI, GRA and faculty member) able to work on these aspects, the work can be shared. The measurement components will be the focus of the research team. • The research team will begin preliminary analyses/comparisons responses gathered from administration of the Kentucky Statewide Victimization Survey among the unstably housed population to comparable items available in the Homeless Management Information System’s (HMIS) VISPDAT 2.0 dataset. The findings from these analyses shall be summarized in a written format which is agreed upon by the contractor and the KY SAC staff using Microsoft Office software. This is an advanced measurement check via linking and anchoring. The PI and faculty will tackle this with the support of the project manager. • The research team will, in partnership with the KY SAC, begin identification of anchor items, which would be appropriate for inclusion in the annual point in time K-Count conducted among Kentucky’s unstably housed population. This decision should be based on a variety of sources of information including statistical and psychometric analyses of the KSVS data, a thorough understanding of the research literature, and interaction with experts including those that provide shelter and services as well as members of the unstably housed population, among others. This is an ambitious and typically tedious task; and given the project time may not be complete at the end of the funding period. However, the initial review and foundation are reasonable. Those are essential for the next steps of creating an invariant instrument that can be used in multiple settings. The entire team (Faculty member, PI, GRA, and project manager) will work on this. This involves literature review, data cleaning and maneuvering, and psychometric analytics. Final reports will be prepared by the project manager and reviewed by the PI. • The research team shall, in partnership with the KY SAC, prepare at least one manuscript for submission to an appropriate and mutually-agreed upon scholarly journal. The team may also consider appropriate presentation venues. Should the manuscript be accepted for publication the authors represented as part of the research team will work with the KY SAC to make any necessary revisions identified by the journal’s editorial team. Authorship will be determined based upon contribution to the agreed upon work. This will be team collaboration. The project manager will handle the administrative components, including searching outlet sources, editing, and submission. • The research team shall, in partnership with the KY SAC, identify alternative populations among whom the KSVS can be administered. This process will include an outline of alternative populations located within the Commonwealth Kentucky and a review of the peer reviewed research literature. Copies of the electronic article(s) should be uploaded to Dropbox or a similar data sharing format that may be accessed by all members of the research team. This is a foundational step to prepare the ground work for any follow-up research. This involves a thorough review of both the academic and media based literature. The GRA and project manager will lead this task. The PI and faculty member will review all materials. For all bulleted items/tasks, the project manager will maintain an electronic file of work prepared, resources used, references, and team member time. The PI will review all reports and completed work prior to submission. It is understood that dissemination writing – specifically publication and presentation - may extend beyond the timeframe of the contract.
Effective start/end date11/1/166/30/18


  • KY Department of Juvenile Justice: $56,876.00


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