War on Poverty Oral History Project: Transcription

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The War an Poverty Oral History Project documents the War on Poverty in the Appalachian Region of Kentucky. Topics discussed include the Appalachian Volunteers, Head Start programs, the Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA), the Community Action Program, conflicts between natives and "outsiders", charges that volunteers were spreading communism, the Pike County Sedition Case, and the founding of the Appalachian Research and Defense Fund. The War on Povertywas an important period in Kentucky History and this project has effectively documented many different facets of that major economic and cultural initiative. This transcription initiative proposes to transcribe 43.56 hours of interview from this project totaling 27 interviews. The overall project contains over 100 hours of interview, some of which have already been transcribed. The Nunn Center has selected 27 interviews that are frequently requested by researchers, as well as interviews representing various perspectives and experiences.
Effective start/end date1/15/111/15/12


  • KY Historical Society: $3,000.00


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