Watershed Watch in Kentucky Program Coordinator

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Watershed Watch Program Coordinator Scope of Work Watershed Watch in Kentucky (WWKY) seeks support from the Kentucky Water Research Institute (KWRI) in its mission to coordinate a statewide volunteer water monitoring program. Through the support of grant monies from the Virginia Environmental Endowment, WWKY will provide support to KWRI to coordinate programmatic organizational changes through 2024 as the program coordinator. Due to KWRI’s familiarity with the monitoring program and willingness to provide this assistance, the WWKY board has approved a contractual arrangement for KWRI staff to fulfill the coordinator role from September 2023 to October 2024. The coordinator will serve as a central point of contact for the organization and will oversee program changes and activities. Services provided are expected to help WWKY become more efficient, accessible, and sustainable. Program coordinator activities will help support changes to the organization that streamline involvement, reduce water monitoring costs, and expand volunteer sampler participation. These include developing guidance documents for organizational leadership (internal) and sampling participants (external). The coordinator will also assist with developing a network of Support Hubs throughout Kentucky that will provide associated services for monitoring activities. New data entry and database tools will be developed to empower participants in creating data records and understanding water quality conditions. Additionally, the Coordinator will identify and develop new funding sources to help support the organization after the current grant ends in October 2024. Specific Coordinator Activities: • Serve as central point of contact for the organization • Assist with internal and external outreach and communications • Help build network of volunteer Support Hubs across Kentucky • Facilitate communications with Science Advisory Committee regarding sampling procedures • Provide monitoring resources and support to Support Hub contacts • Coordinate and provide support for statewide water sampling events • Provide guidance on use of data management tools • Seek out and apply for ongoing funding opportunities • Engage in professional development opportunities that will enhance leadership, management, or other areas of WWKY.
Effective start/end date9/1/2310/31/24


  • Watershed Watch in Kentucky Incorporated: $45,000.00


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