Watershed Watch of Kentucky Web-based System for Data Preservation

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Since 1997, Watershed Watch in Kentucky, Inc. (WWKY) has compiled a comprehensive database of surface water quality information of the 8 major river basins throughout Kentucky from the water sampling collection efforts of approximately 4000 volunteers. Aside from yearly reports, these data have been difficult for the collection volunteers, the general public, researchers, and other interested parties to access, view, and analyze. The Kentucky Geological Survey (KGS) is submitting this proposal to develop a “front-end” website for disseminating WWKY data freely and easily over the Internet, which will provide access to the 16 years of historic surface water quality data along with data from future sampling events. The web system that KGS will develop for WWKY will include: • A search interface for locating single sampling site-level data using a variety of search options including an interactive map interface. • A graphical and tabular data visualization component for viewing and downloading recent or historical results of site data, with capability to compare individual sites with basin-level or multiple site data. • A search interface for locating multiple site and basin-level data using primarily an interactive map interface. • A graphical and map data visualization component for viewing and downloading multiple site and basin-level data. • Supporting informational pages describing sampling analytes. Being the current curator and host of existing and future WWKY data, having successfully worked with WWKY in the past year to develop a data collection web system for WWKY water sampling managers, and having a wealth of experience developing, designing, and deploying various geologic and hydrologic data dissemination web services, makes KGS a well-suited and natural match to design, develop, and host this proposed service.
Effective start/end date1/1/1412/31/14


  • Watershed Watch in Kentucky Incorporated: $50,000.00


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