West Muhammed Ali Boulevard Corridor Study

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The project generally includes the properties abutting or near West Muhammad Ali Boulevard through the city of Louisville, Kentucky. The western end of the project area is Roy Wilkins Avenue (S. 9th Street) and the eastern end is S. 18th Street. The northern and southern edge of the study area will be no more than 1,000 feet from W. Muhammad Ali Boulevard, but exact boundaries for recommendations will be determined as the project progresses. The purposes of the project are the following: • To develop a mapped inventory of all properties within the project area including land uses, building types and conditions, connections to W. Muhammad Ali Blvd., parking, stormwater management, and other site features. • To analyze the land use and development patterns of individual properties and the corridor as a whole. The analysis will identify underutilized properties, opportunities for future development, function and safety issues to be addressed, visual quality issues, and needs for pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. • To develop a preliminary set of design guidelines for a corridor overlay district along with recommendations for public improvements. The guidelines will address the general design and placement of new buildings, the design of parking, landscaping, signs, and stormwater management. For larger properties, the guidelines will also address site layout including the layout of building infrastructure. • To evaluate and revise the preliminary guidelines and corridor plan to develop a final plan. The guidelines, corridor plan, along with supporting analysis will be presented on presentation boards.
Effective start/end date5/1/134/30/14


  • Louisville Central Community Center: $8,369.00


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